Obiora Embry was born in Lexington, KY and raised within a tight‐knit extended family where he learned how to make‐do, think out of the box, the importance of family and Nature.  Growing up he was a budding visual artist who enjoyed sketching and drawing so much that he had had thought about pursuing a career as an art teacher.  In the late 1980s Obiora received a 110 camera as a birthday gift and he added a new creative hobby: photography.  With his trusty 110 camera, he photographed Nature, friends, family, and family gatherings.

As Obiora got older he began losing some of his creativity as he found less and less time to pursue his creative interests.  After the birth of his daughter he encouraged her to draw, sketch, and take photographs starting at an early age.  For different reasons, Obiora didn’t do a lot of visual art after his daughter was school age until around 2012.  It is said that "things happen for a reason" and through a series of circumstances Obiora decided to bring back his visual art.

As an adult Obiora has become more focused with his photography and will wait for the right moment to capture the essence of what he sees through his lens.  Most of his recent photographs have involved landscapes, the combination of Nature and man-made structures, pollinators (and the diversity that exists), spider webs, his gardens, and regional farms.

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